Experian’s National Equivalency Score

experian national equivalency scoreExperian’s National Equivalency Score (ENES) is a FAKO credit score which aims to estimate the credit worthiness of an individual. It has a range of 360-840 and is available for free to consumers through Credit Sesame, it’s also updated monthly. It’s also available commercially to lenders according to Kristine Snyder, Public Relations Manager at Experian, although few if any creditors use the score as part of their lending decisions.

ENES Range

Minimum Score Maximum Score
360 840

Score Breakdown

The exact breakdown of the ENES isn’t published online, but Experian and Credit Sesame make repeated references to it being the “same” or “extremely similar” to the FICO score. So we can assume that the break down is the same, even though the exact mathematical model they use is different.

  • Payment history 35%
  • Credit utilization 30%
  • Length of credit history 15%
  • Types of credit used 10%
  • Recent searches for new credit 10%

You can read about how the FICO score is calculated here.

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